Money Saving Tips

I have a huge love/hate relationship with Whole Foods. One of the reasons being is that they are expensive. I would be lying if that was not true but sadly it is. Reason number 2, when in doubt you cant find a specific product always resort to Whole Foods. I would say about 99% of the time they have everything on what you are looking for. A good thing about Whole Foods is that they do offer samples in the stores and also provide events. That is just a brief overview on what I think about Whole Foods. I did, however, find a good page on their website on how to save money when buying food. Especially the times are tough, there is more GMO’s, economically speaking… this might helpful to read those tips. Feel free to comment any other tips that would be helpful in saving money when buying foods. Of course this does not have to be about “Whole Foods” LOL 🙂

Try out these money-saving tips so you can conquer the lunch and dinner frenzy without financial fallout. And make sure to check out our budget-friendly recipes and coupons.

10 Money-Saving Tips for Wholesome Meals

  • Shop the sales. Thousands of good-for-you items are on sale in your store right now. Look for the sale signs and save or search a sample of sale items online before you shop!
  • Shop 365 Everyday Value®. It’s easy to find hundreds of affordable organic pantry staples within our 365 Everyday Value® line.
  • Cash in on nutrient-dense foods. Whole grains, beans, lentils, fruits and veggies pay off in health and value. Shop the bulk bins for many of these, and buy only the amount you need.
  • It pays to plan. Make your weekly menu before you shop so you stay within your budget and aren’t scrambling at mealtime. Check out these budget-friendly recipes and get started!
  • Cut costs in half. If you need only half a cabbage, sandwich, chunk of cheese, fish fillet, loaf of fresh bread, etc., we’re happy to provide just the half you need.
  • Decrease waste. Use only what you need, when you need it with bags of frozen fruits and veggies.
  • Fast food redefined. No time to cook? Our Health Starts Here®-labeled foods in the prepared foods department take the guesswork out of making the right choices. Made with no extracted oils or refined sweeteners, these nutrient-dense plant-strong™ options use ingredients in their purest, unprocessed forms.
  • Wake up right. Oatmeal and other whole grain cereals allow you to enjoy a wholesome breakfast without breaking the bank. (Save time by preparing steel-cut oats in the slow cooker overnight and then top with fresh berries or chopped apples in the morning.)
  • Love leftovers. Transform a salad to a wrap; pasta into a salad; and dinner to lunch sandwiches.
  • Sign up and save. Subscribe to our email newsletter to receive the latest specials and coupons, plus loads of tested recipes.

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