Digestion Problems? + Natural Ways to Improve It

Fit With christie

To all the people how know me (and obviously love me…) in real life you know I have some… slight… digestion issues. I’m honestly not sure if anything ever really caused them to crop up; I feel like they’ve always been around. Extreme gassiness, bloating to the point of pain, constant stomach pain, etc. Depending on the time of the month (if you know what I mean…), my stomach issues can decrease. I also have recently found that I experience some hardcore acid reflux. In terms of my reflux, I had been experiencing it for about three years before really recognizing it for what it was. So, I had been suffering without the help of my dear, dear friend Mr. Tums for a looooong time. Very unfortunatad-o. Anyways, I could gripe about these terrible digestion issues for freaking ever but, I’ve started doing a ton of research on different natural…

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