5 Worst Foods to Eat While on Paleo

Got an email from Paleo Grubs on 5 worst foods to eat while on Paleo. If your not subscribed already, I would highly recommend it. That is, if, you are interested in the Paleo eating.

5 Worst Foods

1. Soda: Sodas are perhaps the worst offenders. For starters, they’re loaded with sugar, one of the items you’re trying to reduce while you’re doing Paleo. On top of that, most sodas and colas are made with High Fructose Corn Syrup, so you’re not just getting sugar, you’re getting an ultra sweetener that was developed in the last 100 years. It contains GMOs and is 180 degrees from what Paleo stands for and is easily one of the worst things to consume while on Paleo.

2. Bread: Most conventionally produced bread you’ll find out in the world is not Paleo friendly, and in fact will set you back on your progress with Paleo. The problem is it’s everywhere you look, which is why it’s important to start making your own meals because you’ll be hard-pressed to find places that have Paleo-friendly meals. You can bake your own Paleo-friendly bread so it’s not the end of the world if bread has become one of your favorite foods.

3. Pasta: Pasta is not only loaded with carbohydrates, which isn’t the main concern, it’s typically made from wheat or some other grain. Paleo works by excluding foods that don’t agree with the human body, so it’s important to stay free of them for best results. It’s easy enough to replace pasta with either spaghetti squash or zucchini, which helps you by giving you a serving of vegetables while at the same time saving you from a carb bomb in the form of a pile of pasta.

4. Fried Food: You don’t have to give up fried foods on Paleo, you just have to fry them in the right oil. The only problem is that unless you’re the one that’s doing the frying, you’re probably not going to find a fried food out there that you should have. The majority of oils sold in stores and used at restaurants and fast food places are not Paleo friendly. Seek out Paleo approved oils and use these in your cooking.

5. Fast Food: Almost every form of fast food goes against the grain of the Paleo philosophy. It’s like getting some of everything you’re not supposed to be eating all at once. Low-grade, conventional meat is used regardless if you’re having beef, chicken, or pork. You’ll likely get a serving of fried potatoes as a side dish, the potatoes loaded with GMOs and fried in an unhealthy oil. To complete the meal you’ll be given a giant soda, and we’ve already seen why soda is something you should totally avoid.

From time to time, I will have my “Cheat Day”, which means out of the week, I am allowed to eat whatever meal, but not throughout the whole week. This is NOT “Cheat week” –huge difference. I’ve made a lot of improvements by switching over to Paleo. I will be writing more in detail on another post. Personally, it has worked for me, so if you have not tried before, maybe you should give it a whirl and see how it works for you.

Be sure to check out the site Paleo Grubs, has a lot of useful information and some recipes.


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