7 Signs You May Be Over-training

Are you Over-training? Read this Article.

Are You Over-training?

The signs of under-timages-11raining, which typically get most of the attention in fitness, are fairly visible.

With the popularity of high-intensity workouts, however, over-training needs some attention, too, particularly because most of the signs of over-training are invisible. A certain level of focus is necessary during higher-intensity workouts, and the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing a workout has helped increase their popularity. But just like hearing a popular song too often turns the enjoyment into irritation, training your body too hard, too often ruins the enjoyment of the experience and, more significantly, presents several potential risks to your health, mind and body.

Here are some common signs you may be suffering from over-training. Typically, you’d have more than one of these at the same time to raise significant concern for over-training. Most of these signs are driven by hormonal disruptions and deep disruptions to the body’s balancing…

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